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Oceans to Outback is your chance to achieve some serious health goals — for yourself, and for those living in remote, rural and regional Australia.

Challenge yourself this October to get fit and raise vital funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. You can choose to walk, run or ride a distance below … or one of your own design!

Choose your own adventure



1km for every 1000 Australians who can’t easily access basic healthcare.

Average 1.3km each day in October or 9.5km each week.



1km for every Flying Doctor aircraft across Australia.

Average 2.6km each day or 18.3km each week.



1km for every year RFDS has provided life-saving healthcare.

Average 3.1km each day or 21.7km each week.

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The RFDS provides vital 24/7 aeromedical emergency retrieval and patient transfers across remote, rural and regional Australia.

Average 8km each day or 55.8km each week.



Ride 1km for each patient flown every 48h.

Average 19.6km each day or 137.5km each week.



Ride 1km for every patient helped by the RFDS each day

Average 34.2km each day or 239.4km per week.

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Got something else in mind? You can nominate any distance during registration. Oceans to Outback is a month-long adventure. Choose a distance that can be done in short bursts daily, or on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Spread the word

Once you’ve registered, set your next big goal: your fundraising target. Choose an inspirational goal that reflects your incredible efforts. Once you’re done, share your fundraising page with your friends and your family. Ask them to support your kilometres with a donation! Raise $550 and you’ll receive your special-edition Oceans to Outback leather keyring. Raise $1000, and you'll join the exclusive First Class Response Team!

Start your challenge

Walk, run or ride your distance on any route. Slog it out on the treadmill, run on your favourite trail with your partner, or throw down the challenge to your workmates.


Do your activity on your way to work, after your training session, or every weekend. Find a routine that’s best for you.


Make it fun and supportive. Ask a friend, family member, or colleague to join you and keep each other accountable. And you can even create a team!


Hit the road, the gym, your favourite trail or go on a long-distance adventure. Or why not combine all of the above!

Track your kilometres and travel across Australia

As you progress through your challenge, you’ll unlock access to eight featured Royal Flying Doctor Service locations. Hover over each base to learn more about your impact. While you’re there, check out how many participants have reached the same milestone.

Journey (virtually!) from the ocean to the outback, and discover how the funds you raise can improve health outcomes across Australia. Log your KMs to travel to all seven RFDS locations. Go Further to unlock a secret 8th base with exclusive content!

Our people: Flight Nurse Keryn Bolte — Royal Flying Doctor Service, Broken Hill Base, Australia

RFDS Flight Nurse Keryn Bolte takes us on a journey inside the world of the Flying Doctor at the Broken Hill Base.

How to log your kilometres and start your journey

Connect your fitness app

1. Using your device, download FitBit, Strava or Map My Fitness.

2. Sign up, start tracking and get going on your first walk, run or ride to keep the Flying Doctor flying!  

3. Login to your dashboard, click the LOG MY KMS button on 'Your virtual trip around Australia' map and connect the app.

Log your kms manually

1. Login to your dashboard and click the LOG MY KMS button on 'Your virtual trip around Australia' map.

2. Under ‘Add activity’, enter the date and distance of your walk, run or ride.

3. Now you can go further to keep the Flying Doctor flying!

Go further! Register for Oceans to Outback today and run, walk or ride this October.